A Christmas Gift in January

Isn’t it amazing to receive a gift at the start of the year?

People who have been to our house know that we have a prayer notebook.  It is where we write other people’s prayer requests, and our own prayer items  including our needs and wants.


One item on the list is a replacement of Carlo’s tablet.  His tablet is almost 3 years old.  And when I  say old I really mean old because he really maximized it’s use.  If you know him you know how he can do a lot of things with his device.  He used this tablet as his small office.  This is where he make his preaching notes, class notes, write ideas,  even make powerpoint presentation for our youth meetings.  It has been a big help for him but late last year it was slowing down and starting to say goodbye to his master.


Since new, faster, thinner, tablets are coming out Carlo have been praying to have a new one,  but because his old tablet has been serving it’s purpose it was not an urgent thing for us to buy a new one. But the techie side of him was still hoping that he can get a new one.  So we wrote it in our prayer notebook  that God will provide for a new one.  We decided not to do anything about it but to pray.  Carlo somehow had a feeling that he will get his tablet by faith.

Yesterday someone came to our school and gave our faculty….guess what?

A Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0!!! It was the exact tablet that we were praying for.  It was  also the perfect timing because the old tablet keeps on hanging.  It was so perfect that Carlo cried when he found out about it.


It is really amazing how God in his goodness and kindness can give not only the ones that we need but also the ones that we want.  If only we could trust Him more in everything that we need,  He can take care of everything. 



Welcome to my blog

What surprise you about becoming a Mother?

My temper and impatience.
How tired I feel.
How much I love my child.
That I could love a second child… then a third… as much as my first
That while I love my children, some days I don’t like them.
How I can’t wait to get away from my children, and then when I do, how much I miss them.
How being a mom brings out the best and worst in me.
Somethings I say to my children that I vowed I’d never say.
How many times a nose needs to be wiped.
How long a day can be.
How quickly children change from stage to stage.
How much more I appreciate my mother.
How much more  I understand God’s love for me.
How wonderful it is to be called “Mommy”. (from the book What every Mom needs)


This is my life now, do I regret it? Sometimes.  Would I trade it for something else? No,  never.  I thank the Lord for the opportunity of being a wife and a mom.  I learned a lot from life and especially a lot from God in a very personal way through this journey.

Welcome to my world through my blog!

If you’ve read my previous blog Simpleng Buhay (http://shelbai-simplengbuhay.blogspot.com/),  this blog is far more different yet the same old me.
Different because before I used to blog about places and experiences that I had and the focus is more on telling the whole world what I did.  I little bit Narcissistic I might say.
Now,  I would like to blog to empathize to people especially to women out there who are in a journey.  To touch someone’s heart and be encouraged through my life’s experiences.

Same old me,  because the same old me who wants to focus on God moving in my life just like before.  To tell the world that He is The only way we can get through life.

So welcome!

This is Shelby Dela Paz Zaragosa

This is Z life!