On David, waiting and God’s will


David was 14-15 years old when he killed Goliath and was 25 years old when he was annointed by Samuel. He was 33 yrs old when he finally became King.

He waited a long time before the fulfillment of God’s promise for him to rule Israel. I realized many times when we are asking God for His will we want Him to tell us immediately. And when we already know what it is, sometimes we want it to happen right away. Then we will be discouraged or would doubt God about it if it is taking so long to happen. David went through a lot before He became King and through that waiting he became the man after God’s own heart.

We lost something that we thought was God’s will for us. We thought we are already doing what He has called us to do. Then through David I realized that we are just on the journey going to His promise, to His real calling. If this journey on waiting will make us the person after God’s own heart I am willing to wait and pursue the journey.

Perfect timing is the key on God’s will.


On meetings and potty chair

Woke up late yesterday so I prepared breakfast and Xielo to school like the Flash. I need to put Xiana for a nap so I can prepare and go to a meeting with our school’s leadership team. I had a hard time putting her for a nap and when she finally did I r got my bag, rushed to the meeting and run to the office. At the meeting they were talking about schedules so I opened my bag to get my tablet to check my schedule. Instead I saw a foldable potty chair, wipes, Diaper, used Diaper and Biscuit crumbs. I got the wrong bag. I handed the potty chair to Kuya Eric AGUSTIN (one of my boss)  and said this is my schedule.

On ghost from my past

Well hello there!
I thought you were just part of my past..
Tried so hard not to cross paths with you.
I was so successful avoiding you in college.
I made sure that you were not part of my job when I was working.
Lo and behold you are back into my life.
I guess you are here to stay.
I will not only go through you again once, but twice.

As Celine Dion said , it’s all coming back to me now.

Oh math how do I love thee?

Let me count… oh it’s hard
Can you still ask for a tutor even if you are homeschooling your kid?