On Finding Dory and memories for my girls

Our family watched Finding Dory last week and my girls loved it. It was Xiana’s first time to go to a movie theater. We were surprised that she stay seated throughout the film. Xiana enjoyed watching and eating popcorn. I think she enjoyed the movie mostly because of the popcorn. She is our eating monster in the family.
I liked the movie too , actually I liked it better than Finding Nemo. But I am not here to talk about the movie or give a critic of the film. I just like to highlight one scene that reminded me of what we are doing as parents to our children. It was the scene where Dory’s parents placed shells for her to follow home as a way for her to cope with the short-term memory loss.
Carlo and I have a list of life principles and values that our children should learn or remember when they grow up and when we are no longer there to guide them. These are the things that we want to be in their hearts. One is for them to always or would like to come home to our family. If we won’t be around anymore, well at least for them to go to each other as sisters. That wherever they will be they would always miss home and would like to see us and come home. Coming home meaning wanting to see each other as a family. Not coming to a house itself because as missionaries God can put us anywhere.
This week I bought a chalk board that I placed on the wall by our dining table. I wrote a Bible verses so that our whole family can memorize it and be reminded of it as we go through our day. I would like my daughters to remember the verse not only to be reminded of God but also so that every time they will see that verse or recite that verse they will be reminded of home.

This is our memory verse for this week from their Sunday School.

My prayer is that if ever they would get lost, or when they are on their own, or when we would not be there for them, these Bible verses will be like the sea shells that will bring them back to God and to remember our home.