On New Year’s resolutions,fasting and being fit.

When I was in college I developed a habit that whenever new year comes I would have quality time with God and seek Him through His word on what I can claim to live by for the whole year. Instead of new year’s resolutions I would study my verse and list the things that I need to do or remember for the whole year through that Bible verse. Thus my year verse was born. This is a verse/verses from the Bible that I will hold on to whatever is happening in my life. May it be a rebuke, a reminder, a promise, or something that i need to learn. I would hold on to it until I can go through my whole year.

This year, my year verse is in Luke 2:52 “And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man.” (NIV). Of course, I want to be like Jesus but I want to be more like Him this year by focusing on some areas of my life. I want to grow in being physically fit. I want to be healthy and fit even as I get older and be with my children as they grow. I want to grow emotionally by stepping up in serving our community in IGSL where I am a missionary. Lastly, I want to grow more spiritually through prayer.


Physically Fit

Whenever I am pregnant I would gain 15-20 pounds but eventually lose it once I start breastfeeding. My last one for our second child, Xiana, I lost more. I actually went down to my weight pre-dinosaur era (a.k.a. College days).  But once my baby starts weaning, the weight starts coming back fast. I am in my heaviest again for the second time. So I am announcing it here to be accountable to you that I will start to lose weight again. I did it when I gave birth to my first child and lost 40 pounds. Hoping that I can do it again this time.

Emotionally Fit

After giving birth to Xiana in 2014, I was on a leave as a missionary to become a full-time mom.  I would help the school once in a while but on project basis only. But this year I am stepping up to help more. I have been thinking of writing stories about our school. Since I became a missionary or started working at IGSL, I sometimes wonder where does my college degree in mass communications fall. I know God is sovereign, but there are times that I think maybe it was just a way for me to go to college and become a Christian there but that I would never use whatever I learned from college. This year I think God is opening an opportunity for me to use it. I know I am not that good but I think our school doesn’t have a choice because I am the only one who is interested to do it.

Spiritually Fit

Our school has a yearly prayer and fasting. I have never participated since they started it because I was either pregnant or breastfeeding. Since Xiana is weaning this year I am going to do it.  I know this will be hard but because I want to grow in my prayer life, I think fasting is the best way to start.

I am excited with what this year holds for me and my family, but most specially I am excited about how I can be one step closer to God at the end of this year if I will be faithful with my year verse.

How about you? Do you have new year resolutions or some things that you do at the beginning of the year? Maybe you can share it with me so I can learn from you.

Welcome to my blog

What surprise you about becoming a Mother?

My temper and impatience.
How tired I feel.
How much I love my child.
That I could love a second child… then a third… as much as my first
That while I love my children, some days I don’t like them.
How I can’t wait to get away from my children, and then when I do, how much I miss them.
How being a mom brings out the best and worst in me.
Somethings I say to my children that I vowed I’d never say.
How many times a nose needs to be wiped.
How long a day can be.
How quickly children change from stage to stage.
How much more I appreciate my mother.
How much more  I understand God’s love for me.
How wonderful it is to be called “Mommy”. (from the book What every Mom needs)


This is my life now, do I regret it? Sometimes.  Would I trade it for something else? No,  never.  I thank the Lord for the opportunity of being a wife and a mom.  I learned a lot from life and especially a lot from God in a very personal way through this journey.

Welcome to my world through my blog!

If you’ve read my previous blog Simpleng Buhay (http://shelbai-simplengbuhay.blogspot.com/),  this blog is far more different yet the same old me.
Different because before I used to blog about places and experiences that I had and the focus is more on telling the whole world what I did.  I little bit Narcissistic I might say.
Now,  I would like to blog to empathize to people especially to women out there who are in a journey.  To touch someone’s heart and be encouraged through my life’s experiences.

Same old me,  because the same old me who wants to focus on God moving in my life just like before.  To tell the world that He is The only way we can get through life.

So welcome!

This is Shelby Dela Paz Zaragosa

This is Z life!