On New Year’s resolutions,fasting and being fit.

When I was in college I developed a habit that whenever new year comes I would have quality time with God and seek Him through His word on what I can claim to live by for the whole year. Instead of new year’s resolutions I would study my verse and list the things that I need to do or remember for the whole year through that Bible verse. Thus my year verse was born. This is a verse/verses from the Bible that I will hold on to whatever is happening in my life. May it be a rebuke, a reminder, a promise, or something that i need to learn. I would hold on to it until I can go through my whole year.

This year, my year verse is in Luke 2:52 “And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man.” (NIV). Of course, I want to be like Jesus but I want to be more like Him this year by focusing on some areas of my life. I want to grow in being physically fit. I want to be healthy and fit even as I get older and be with my children as they grow. I want to grow emotionally by stepping up in serving our community in IGSL where I am a missionary. Lastly, I want to grow more spiritually through prayer.


Physically Fit

Whenever I am pregnant I would gain 15-20 pounds but eventually lose it once I start breastfeeding. My last one for our second child, Xiana, I lost more. I actually went down to my weight pre-dinosaur era (a.k.a. College days).  But once my baby starts weaning, the weight starts coming back fast. I am in my heaviest again for the second time. So I am announcing it here to be accountable to you that I will start to lose weight again. I did it when I gave birth to my first child and lost 40 pounds. Hoping that I can do it again this time.

Emotionally Fit

After giving birth to Xiana in 2014, I was on a leave as a missionary to become a full-time mom.  I would help the school once in a while but on project basis only. But this year I am stepping up to help more. I have been thinking of writing stories about our school. Since I became a missionary or started working at IGSL, I sometimes wonder where does my college degree in mass communications fall. I know God is sovereign, but there are times that I think maybe it was just a way for me to go to college and become a Christian there but that I would never use whatever I learned from college. This year I think God is opening an opportunity for me to use it. I know I am not that good but I think our school doesn’t have a choice because I am the only one who is interested to do it.

Spiritually Fit

Our school has a yearly prayer and fasting. I have never participated since they started it because I was either pregnant or breastfeeding. Since Xiana is weaning this year I am going to do it.  I know this will be hard but because I want to grow in my prayer life, I think fasting is the best way to start.

I am excited with what this year holds for me and my family, but most specially I am excited about how I can be one step closer to God at the end of this year if I will be faithful with my year verse.

How about you? Do you have new year resolutions or some things that you do at the beginning of the year? Maybe you can share it with me so I can learn from you.


On David, waiting and God’s will


David was 14-15 years old when he killed Goliath and was 25 years old when he was annointed by Samuel. He was 33 yrs old when he finally became King.

He waited a long time before the fulfillment of God’s promise for him to rule Israel. I realized many times when we are asking God for His will we want Him to tell us immediately. And when we already know what it is, sometimes we want it to happen right away. Then we will be discouraged or would doubt God about it if it is taking so long to happen. David went through a lot before He became King and through that waiting he became the man after God’s own heart.

We lost something that we thought was God’s will for us. We thought we are already doing what He has called us to do. Then through David I realized that we are just on the journey going to His promise, to His real calling. If this journey on waiting will make us the person after God’s own heart I am willing to wait and pursue the journey.

Perfect timing is the key on God’s will.

Office View

This is my view from my office today. For almost 24hrs I come to my office and report for work. I have a wide range of job description. Pay is minimal but satisfaction is guaranteed. Am i good at it i still don’t know. But each day by the grace of God I am getting confident on the things that I am doing.


Alone Time

It’s that time of the day when your neighbor borrowed your kids and you are alone at your house. There are a lot of things that you want to do when you will have a time for yourself even if it is just for15 minutes only. Then you don’t know what to do because you are not used to being alone anymore. So you check your list of the things you want to do as an alone time. And then the 15 minutes is over they are back and you are still sifting through your list.

On blogging and heart matters

Napag isip isip ko bakit ba ako na pre-pressure sa pagsusulat dito eh blog ko naman ito. Simula ngayon isusulat ko na ang gusto kong isulat. Ilalagay ko na dito ang mga naiisip isip ko sa araw araw. Mga one liners sa isip o mga pagnunulay nulay sa buhay mapa ingles man yan at tagalog. Naisip ko kasi dati gusto kong makilala ang blog ko para sa mga nanay na nahirapang mag alaga ng anak para ma inspire sila sa buhay ko if I may just say. Pero ano ba ang ka-inspire inspire sa pagiging nanay ko? For sure  pare pareho lang naman kami ng mga pinagdadaanan o pinagdaanan. Kaya sinabi ko sa sarili ko di ko na pipigilan ang sariling kong magsulat ng magsulat dito sa blog ko. Minsan masarap din namang magsult ng di na pinag iisipan ang sinasabi. O di na iniisip kung para kanino o kung ano kaya ang gusto kong maramdaman ng readers ko. Readers? ehem excuse me wala naman talaga. Sino ba ako si Paulo Coelho o si C.S. Lewis na puwedeng i-quote at i post sa instagram ang sasabihin? O ayan nakapag post na ako ng di nag iisip direstso walang edit edit.

Ang dami kong sinabi makapag post lang tse!

A Father’s Day Tribute

I wrote this blog March 1, 2009.


Last February 27, was my father’s birthday. He was born in 1952 and died April 7,1995 I was 15 years old when he died. We usually go to the cemetery not to pray for him but a time for me and my brother to talk and catch up on our lives. It’s been 13 years and as time goes by I realized that little by little we are losing our memories of him. So today I decided to go back to memory lane, on the things that I remember about my dad. I don’t know if I can still trust my memory, partly because of age, but also because of selective amnesia to numb the sadness of loosing him.


My dad’s name is Sulpicio B. Dela Paz Jr. But a lot of people family, and friends knew him as Tony. He was a mining engineer in Palawan where he met my mom.He was from Basilan and my mom was from Isabela.  That’s where my brother Siegfrid and I came from.

s-family (13)

Papa holding me when I was a baby


He was fond of orchids, butterflies, birds and can spend the whole day with them. He liked to wake up early and in fact be an hour early for work. He seldom took sick leaves because he was always healthy or doesn’t really want to be absent from work. On his 15 years of service in their company, people said that he hasn’t received any complain about his work ethics. He also lead the First aid and Safety department in their mining company because he was always calm and sound when there’s an emergency. Now that I know about personality types I guess he is a C (Conscientious-Cautious, Compliant, Correct, Calculating, Concerned, Careful, Contemplative) and an I (Influential -Inducement, Inspiring, Impressive, Interacting, Interesting) at the same time. Pretty odd huh these personalities seldom go together. ‘C’ because he likes to read manuals of appliances, solves puzzles and brain teasers. In my parent’s bedroom was two beds. One single and one queen size bed. The single bed was for him to use when he wants to rest after work but because he came from the mining site, he will be dirty, tired and can’t take a shower right away. After resting, then he would take a shower and then transfer to the bigger bed with my mom. He’s into following instructions. Instead of giving me toys or let me watch TV, our games for leisure was that he will give a instructions written on paper and test me how well I follow them. I guess he saw how clumsy and compulsive I am growing up. When I was in grade school he encouraged me to read books and newspaper because he said it will broaden my knowledge about the world and other people. At grade 3 I was already reading novels like ‘Around the World in 80 Days’, ‘Catcher and the Rye’, ‘Star Wars’, Michael Crichton and Robert Ludlum’s books. I can’t understand a lot of them but it trained me to read and look for words that I don’t understand in the dictionary.

s-elem (2)


He always made sure that we always believed in our selves and be the best that we can be. From grade school to high school I struggled with numbers—math, physics, geometry it’s all Greek to me. But I never felt that it’s a weakness, because whenever I will get a grade of 75 (75-100 is the passing grade) he will take me and my brother out for dinner to celebrate because he said I really did a great job. Whenever I get frustrated solving math problems and complain why am I not smart enough like my classmates. He will always tell me that it’s ok not to be the best but will tell me just to give my best in everything. He also taught us not to be afraid to fail. That’s why maybe I am like this always full of confidence to reach for my dreams even if I ‘ll fail. hehehe.


He was also a people person. He loves to invite his subordinates at our house during their birthdays and tell a lot of funny stories that made people laugh so hard. But the C in him will always be there because when the clock stikes at 8pm (his sleeping time), he doesn’t care who’s with him even if he’s the president of the company he will go home and sleep.

One thing that I didn’t like him doing is whenever we will be in a restaurant in Manila, he would always refer to the waiters as ‘Dong’ or ‘Day’ short for Dodong and Inday because he is from Mindanao. I felt embarrassed to let people know that my dad is from Mindanao. On our way to Manila from Palawan, I will always remind and beg him to please say Miss, Sir, Ate or Kuya to the people he will talk to in Manila.

s-family (11)

My Brother and I

My brother and I look forward to Sundays. He would wake up very early to go to the pier to get the best fish and seafood, making sure that we will eat the best catch for lunch. He also believed that Sundays should be a no work day for everybody in the house. He doesn’t like my mom and our helper to clean or do the laundry during Sundays. Though he is not that religious he just wants us to wake up late, watch TV, feel lazy and eat. For him Sundays should be a rest day. My brother and I liked the idea because it means that our mom can’t require us to clean our room.


I also admire how he loved my mom’s relatives. When my mom’s sister and her husband went to Saudi he agreed to take care of my cousins. Because of that my cousin looked to him as their second father. He also loved my grandmother so much that he encouraged my grandma’s perks on shopping and traveling. He lets her travel from Palawan to Manila twice a month by airplane.


Throwback of Mama and Papa

Though my mom’s personality is a D (dominant) I was able to see how he can get my mother submit to his authority. In fact we never saw them fight in front of us.

There are a lot of things that I want to write about him but as time goes by, little by little my memories are fading. I just wish I have enough memory to store everything and still remember it until I have my own children. So I can tell them how blessed I am to have a loving father. Now I know why it was easy for me relating to God as a Father during my early years as a Christian because of my papa. He gave his best to be a good father to us. I am also recognizing God’s sovereignty on my dad’s death. Two years before he died, God gave me the opportunity to spend time with him alone in Palawan because my mom and brother were in Manila. Through his death instead of going to the school that I was planning to go to for college I went to UP Baguio and there I met Jesus as my Lord and Savior.

My heart, also, really goes out to my mom who became a single parent after his death (there will be another blog dedicated for her ). She had a large space to fill in when we lost him. But God has been faithful to us. For thirteen years God made sure that we were taken care of.


I just wish that my dad is still here to witness how I and my brother have become. I wish that he was there on my wedding to see how blessed I am to found a man whom I will be spending the rest of my life with.I wish that he had a chance to meet Carlo, there are a lot of things that they have in common.


I became a Christian one year after his death. I don’t know if he has met Jesus as his personal Lord and Savior in his lifetime. That’s why whenever people would talk about rewards in heaven to me it doesn’t excite me that much. For me, aside from the treasures in heaven and being with my heavenly Father forever, one of the best rewards that I am looking forward to is to see my dad reunited with us.

Welcome to my blog

What surprise you about becoming a Mother?

My temper and impatience.
How tired I feel.
How much I love my child.
That I could love a second child… then a third… as much as my first
That while I love my children, some days I don’t like them.
How I can’t wait to get away from my children, and then when I do, how much I miss them.
How being a mom brings out the best and worst in me.
Somethings I say to my children that I vowed I’d never say.
How many times a nose needs to be wiped.
How long a day can be.
How quickly children change from stage to stage.
How much more I appreciate my mother.
How much more  I understand God’s love for me.
How wonderful it is to be called “Mommy”. (from the book What every Mom needs)


This is my life now, do I regret it? Sometimes.  Would I trade it for something else? No,  never.  I thank the Lord for the opportunity of being a wife and a mom.  I learned a lot from life and especially a lot from God in a very personal way through this journey.

Welcome to my world through my blog!

If you’ve read my previous blog Simpleng Buhay (http://shelbai-simplengbuhay.blogspot.com/),  this blog is far more different yet the same old me.
Different because before I used to blog about places and experiences that I had and the focus is more on telling the whole world what I did.  I little bit Narcissistic I might say.
Now,  I would like to blog to empathize to people especially to women out there who are in a journey.  To touch someone’s heart and be encouraged through my life’s experiences.

Same old me,  because the same old me who wants to focus on God moving in my life just like before.  To tell the world that He is The only way we can get through life.

So welcome!

This is Shelby Dela Paz Zaragosa

This is Z life!