On my daughter as my fashion critic

We were at the mall after the holiday because a lot  of the items in every shop are on sale. Carlo was looking at some11377795_1485223715102288_1863810974_n
of the pants that he likes in Forever 21 while I was with Xielo and
Xiana waiting for him. Then  Xielo said to me ” You know mom you are so sexy and beautiful but you need to buy these kinds of clothes (pointing to the clothes displayed at the store). ” I was speechless.


On ghost from my past

Well hello there!
I thought you were just part of my past..
Tried so hard not to cross paths with you.
I was so successful avoiding you in college.
I made sure that you were not part of my job when I was working.
Lo and behold you are back into my life.
I guess you are here to stay.
I will not only go through you again once, but twice.

As Celine Dion said , it’s all coming back to me now.

Oh math how do I love thee?

Let me count… oh it’s hard
Can you still ask for a tutor even if you are homeschooling your kid?

Ulan sa Tag init

Matapos ang napakainit na panahon kahapon na umabot sa 41c biglang umulan ngayong umaga.

Sabi ko hay salamat umulan .

Sabi ng helper namin naku di totoong ulan yan baka gumamit sila ng asin. Malamang di pa maganda yan kasi di totoong ulan.

Medyo nainis ako kasi imbes na magpasalamat may reklamo pa talaga.

Sabi ko sa kanya, kung asukal siguro Ate ang ginamit nila for sure tuwang tuwa ka.

Ang helper namin ay may diabetes na di makontrol ang sarili sa matatamis na pagkain.