On my daughter as my fashion critic

We were at the mall after the holiday because a lot  of the items in every shop are on sale. Carlo was looking at some11377795_1485223715102288_1863810974_n
of the pants that he likes in Forever 21 while I was with Xielo and
Xiana waiting for him. Then  Xielo said to me ” You know mom you are so sexy and beautiful but you need to buy these kinds of clothes (pointing to the clothes displayed at the store). ” I was speechless.


On being a likeable mom and separation anxiety


It has been hard for Xielo not seeing her friend KK on campus and not playing with her often (Her friend moved out of campus) . These past few weeks we’ve been into some up and down of emotions. We saw a lot of crying over simple things, being sad and some disobedience. So we have been disciplining her quite a lot. I can say that it was not the best mother and daughter kind of weeks. Maybe she is having a separation anxiety and that’s how she was coping up on missing her friend.

But last Friday when I was giving her a bath before going to school she said “Mom my classmate was eating rice and egg and he is using his hands. I told him to stop eating and use his spoon and fork and then he was so mad at me.” Then she started laughing and I was laughing with her too.

We were still talking and giggling then she said, you know mom I like you today.

On ghost from my past

Well hello there!
I thought you were just part of my past..
Tried so hard not to cross paths with you.
I was so successful avoiding you in college.
I made sure that you were not part of my job when I was working.
Lo and behold you are back into my life.
I guess you are here to stay.
I will not only go through you again once, but twice.

As Celine Dion said , it’s all coming back to me now.

Oh math how do I love thee?

Let me count… oh it’s hard
Can you still ask for a tutor even if you are homeschooling your kid?

Alone Time

It’s that time of the day when your neighbor borrowed your kids and you are alone at your house. There are a lot of things that you want to do when you will have a time for yourself even if it is just for15 minutes only. Then you don’t know what to do because you are not used to being alone anymore. So you check your list of the things you want to do as an alone time. And then the 15 minutes is over they are back and you are still sifting through your list.

Sitting Still

Don’t you love it when they are sitting still?


Of course I love her for every single things that she do and love her on the things that she can’t do. but when she is still, there are more praises being said, more thank you Lord being uttered for the minute of rest. Yes the stillness will only last for a minute.

And then she is up again dancing, playing, crying and singing.


I love her for being still but in everything she do, I love her more than anything.


*Tonight, Xielo asked Carlo ” Tatay (Father) are you happy?, Surprised that she spoke a completed sentence in English Carlo was not able to reply immediately then she added, “Xielo happy!”

That’s the best affirmation that we have received as parents so far.